eSignatures made friendly

Does your business rely on getting documents signed by clients and suppliers?

Our eSignature solution ties in directly with your platform to make the process simple for your team to send documents, and your recipients to review and digitally sign with just a few clicks.


our product

eSignature API

Fully Branded

Our eSignature solution can be customised to your exacting brand guidelines.


Our platform is configured to handle almost any document layout you could imagine, and can be configured to capture exactly the information you need from your signees.

Notification Options

Before, during and after the signing process, notifications and additional approvals can be configured.

Mobile Frendly

Our signature solution is fully responsive and works across all types of devices and screen sizes, providing users with the best signing experience.


We make our signing process meet your business process.

Too many times you test or sign up for another software product that has new business processes. The whole aim of our platform is to align your eSignature flow with your exact business process. We believe you should’t have to change how you operate just to make the software work for you.


What You Get

Fully Responsive

Complete Customisation

World Class Support

Support for any backend ERP/datbase

Constant platform performance and security updates.

Fully configurable output document options

Full training

Analytics to give you exactly the information need

"It's a doddle to use, and was even easier to set up."

Monarch Inc.

"Our clients are signing our proposals in minutes, for what used to take days."



“We were fully operational within days”

From our initial call with SecureSignApp, the team captured our exacting needs, and had a fully working demo the following day. Full integration with our Ninox back-end was completed shortly after and far exceeded our expectations in terms of making it work for us in comparison with the other offerings on the market. 

“Our response time has improved greatly”

We’re so glad to be rid of our older e-signature system. Our sales team don’t need to leave our internal app to get our clients to sign our proposals. Our older system took 15 minutes to send a document. We’ve now got this down to one second and a single click.

“It’s now an integral part of how we do business”

Where we thought SSA would play a small part in facilitating a function for some basic procedures, it’s now a huge part of our customer journey, whilst ticking every requirement for compliance.


A solution that works for you

Whether it’s for your side hustle, small business or enterprise, our standard packages or custom solutions can work seamless for your requirements.

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